The Last Stand – What not to do while preparing for CA Exams!

The month before the exam is the most crucial period while preparing for CA Exams. Using the right prep method will boost your chances of success whilst every wrong move could be fatal. Below are some mistakes which you can if avoided can go a long way in helping you succeed:

A. Not having the right timetable for the final month:

  1. Prepare a timetable such that you can revise all subjects at least once during the final month. Asses your readiness level for each subject and accordingly allot appropriate no. of days per subject.
  2. Given the vast syllabus, there may be certain topics which you have may not have studied yet. Do not chase after them blindly. First strengthen the topics you have done before and go for new topics only if you have additional time.
  3. Allot at least 5 days for your first exam as this paper will set the tone for the entire 16-day war.

B. Skipping sleep and breaks:

  1. You cannot achieve more by compromising on your sleep. On the contrary, you will be able to study more effectively if you get adequate sleep.
  2. Try to follow the same schedule every day as this boosts your productivity.
  3. If you feel mentally overloaded after long study sessions, take small breaks (not more than 20 minutes at a stretch) to refresh your mind – listen to music, watch stand-up, dance or go for a stroll or do whatever you like and then resume studying.

C. Eating heavy meals and junk food:

  1. While it is important to satisfy your fast-food cravings to boost your mood sometimes, it is best to avoid heavy meals and junk regularly (especially for lunch) as they make you sleepy and hence less productive.
  2. Try and stick to light foods such as fruits, salads, juices, dry fruits etc. which are easy to digest and keep you energetic throughout the day.

D. Not attempting mock papers:

  1. Mock papers help you revise a wide range of topics as they cover topics from the entire syllabus. They also help you to practice your writing speed which is one of your main weapons during the exam.
  2. After you finish revising a subject, attempt at least one mock paper before moving on to the next subject.

E. Comparing your preparation level with friends:

  1. This is the most common mistake which students make.
  2. Speak to your CA friends only for doubts otherwise during your final month speak only with your non-CA friends.
  3. If you have doubts about your preparation, then speak to your teachers instead of your peers.
  4. Even if you feel that you are behind or if your friends tell you about a book or material that you have never seen or heard of, do not panic!
  5. Trust yourself, your teachers and the coaching provider. Stick to the books/material recommended by them. Follow your own timetable.

F. Not using revision videos effectively:

  1. Use revision videos to revise in a very fast and apt manner – they usually cover all the important topics.
  2. However, your revision plan cannot be just to watch the videos. There is no substitute to writing practice through solving mock papers.

G. Losing out on confidence:

  1. It is very normal to feel nervous, to not be able to recall things you had studied earlier, to feel that your friends have prepared better than you, and that you are not ready. Every CA student goes through this phase.
  2. However, this is why you are revising right now. In addition to this, you will do another round of revision on the day before the exam.
  3. Even if it may not feel like it right now, after doing these 2 rounds of revision – Exam wale din sab yaad aajata hai!

Remember – You are not only fighting the battle on the answer sheet but also in your mind. To emerge victorious, it is important to win the mental battle. As famously said, “a calm mind is the ultimate weapon against life’s challenges.” This is true for your CA Exams too!

Try to avoid the above mistakes and this will enhance your chances for success.

For additional resources to assist you in your CA Exams preparation, refer to blogs page.

All the best!

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