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Interactive studies, individualized student attention and cultivating conceptual understanding are virtues which made Pinnacle the most reliable mentor for my Final CA preparations. I recommend Pinnacle Education to all CA aspirants!

Vatsal Modi , AIR 42 , Final CA May 2018
Pinnacle has helped me to gain concept clarity in all subjects which is very crucial for pursuing CA and also gives individual attention to each student which is missing in most of the classes. I highly recommend everyone to be a part of Pinnacle family!

Mayank Jain, AIR 45 Final CA May 2018.
Pinnacle Education has been of great help throughout my CA Final journey. I would like to thank all the professors for their selfless efforts in guiding us to achieve complete clarity of all concepts which helped a lot to face the exams. The final journey was well planned and executed in terms of the syllabus.
This is not about being a geek or being a teacher's pet. It is about showing appreciation for the way someone selflessly works hard to help students shine out as brilliant individuals.

Chaitanya B Parab (AIR 26 , Final CA May 2017)
Pinnacle Education is an institution which follows the 'conceptual teaching' approach. This approach certainly helped me in solving the most tricky problems in the CA Final exams. The conceptual and practical discussions in the classroom followed by the 'What-If' scenarios helped me think about numerous aspects to a particular situation/problem. In a nutshell, the academy carries the most appropriate name:

P - Practical approach

I - In-depth coverage

N - No stone is left unturned

N - Notes are well structured

A - Approachable faculty

C - Cooperative staff

L - Lucid way of teaching the toughest concepts

E - Expands the horizon of thinking.

Neel Jobanputra (CA Final May 2017).
Pinnacle Education is one of those few coaching classes which constantly focuses on engaging students to think practically and look way beyond the scope and coverage of exams while also ensuring timely completion. There are endless opportunities for interested students to interact with the faculty who also entertain all doubts be it linked to the subject they're teaching or not. In my three years at Pinnacle having known the members personally and also working with them, my respect for the faculty and the institution as a whole has kept on increasing. I'll always be grateful for making my academic and professional journey a lot more enriching.
Yash Gandhi, Final CA, May 2017
I have been a student at Pinnacle for 3years now and am definitely very happy with it! A concept based approach vis a vis a rule based approach is exactly what is done at Pinnacle. The faculty and staff are very co operative and the teaching style is amazing!
Rahil Shah, Final CA, May 2017
The focus at pinnacle is on conceptual clarity which I believe plays a very significant role in our performance ! The teachers are approachable and clarify all the doubts when asked in class or in person. The study material provided is well crafted and covers all aspects of the syllabus in great depth. I am thankful to the entire team for their support and constant guidance !

Charmi Thakkar (AIR 50 IPCC May'17)
It's too difficult, thats the usual presumption anybody would make when they hear about IPCC or rather CA. No doubt it's difficult, but it's not impossible and could be managed with constant hardwork.
This kind of attitude was developed in me by my mentors. Pinnacle has given the best I could ever get,not only regarding IPCC but also in terms of future,friends and great memories to cherish. Each and every professor had given their 200% in anything and everything for us. They never made us feel that it's going to be difficult, they constantly motivated us, guided us and wanted the best for us. They made us feel like home, and I'll never forget my IPCC days and would always miss them.

Pooja Kubadia,IPCC May 2017
Pinnacle education was more than a tuition class, It was a family. A family that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The professors and the staff are very friendly and always approachable. Thanks to pinnacle education, the hard work didn't seem that hard. Right from creating memories to acing the professional competitive exams, pinnacle education has helped me groom and become the person I am today.
Khushali Thakkar, IPCC, May 2015
Pinnacle helps in setting up a strong base for one's career in Commerce with the most cooperative teachers and staff. It makes study really enjoyable and thus installing a lot of confidence in oneself.
Swetha Jain - SIES Collage - 11th and 12th
I've had the most amazing time at Pinnacle. Pinnacle has a wonderful teaching staff. The teacher here are not only mentors but also our friends. I have had the best 2 years here. The teachers never failed to clear our doubts and didn't give us a chance to complain. I'm glad that I was in pinnacle.

Harsh Nair - Podar College - 11th and 12th
Learning in Pinnacle was always great and we learnt a lot there. They taught us very well with help of PowerPoint slides which helped us to understand concepts easily and quickly. It was learning with fun. Apart from teaching, they well guided us about our career.

Bahubali Jain - Podar College -11th and 12th - (AY 2017 - 18)
Pinnacle provides great learning environment for the two best years of our life. Friendly and highly qualified teaching faculty, digital learning enables students to grasp concepts easily and quickly. Overall it was an enjoyable experience with Pinnacle Education !

Yash Kubadia - HR College - 11th and 12th - (AY 2017 - 18)
Pinnacle has the most innovative pattern of teaching by using presentations. The faculty is very friendly, motivative, co - operative and competent. Being at Pinnacle for 2 years has been the most important decision of my life as I am sure their guidance, education and encouragement will lead me to have a bright and successful future.

Ankit Azad - KC College - 11th and 12th - (AY 2017 - 18)

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