Intermediate May 2019

  • Batch Commencement
  • Batch Completion
  • Subjects Offered
  • Last week of June
  • January 2019
  • All Subjects

Fees - Rs. 60,750 + GST @ 18% = Rs.71,685/-


Payment Structure:

Particulars At the time of Admission Instalments Total
All Subjects Rs. 11,800/- Instalment 1 - Rs. 11,800/-
Instalment 2 - Rs. 23,600/-
Instalment 3 - Rs. 24,485/-
Rs. 71,685/-
  1. Fees taken in advance are not refundable under any circumstances including discontinuing CA, change of residence and timing issues.
  2. In case of payment by instalments, instalments will start post CPT Results.
  3. GST amount subject to change in case of change in GST Rate as per Government.
  4. In case of change in syllabus by ICAI , the fees might undergo a change as per managements discretion.
  5. Non Payment/Delayed payment of instalment would result in penalty of Rs.1000.

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